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Appliance Repair by Comfort Home Appliance in Las Vegas, Nevada

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About Comfort Home Appliance

If you need contact information about appliance repair company Comfort Home Appliance in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can visit our website. Our website can provide you the complete information about each department of Comfort Home Appliance in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you can find the following here: working hours, phone, google map, website, and other contact data. By the way, you can read the latest testimonials about the company. All companies on our website are appliance repair companies, and you can repair your refrigerator, microwave oven, dryer or washer or any other appliance calling them. Also, you can apply on our website, and we will connect you with the nearest and best appliance repair companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just enter your ZIP and wait for a solution!

Comfort Home Appliance Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Comfort Home Appliance in Las Vegas, NevadaAddress:1516 E Tropicana Ave 250, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8AM-8PM
Tuesday: 8AM-8PM
Wednesday: 8AM-8PM
Thursday: 8AM-8PM
Friday: 8AM-8PM
Saturday: 9AM-8PM
Latest Testimonials
Eva Valencia
Scheduled first appointment 1st of April and techs came in on the 4th the techs proceeded to tell me that I needed a main board and that it would cost roughly about 500 and that it was worth fixing so they said their office would call to let me know when... they didn't... I called after a few days and was told they would call me when the part showed up. Got a call on the and techs came in on the 18th two weeks later ... they preceded to put in said new part and said the fridge was working but that it also needed a fan motor and that they would replace at no additional cost. I waited all day and the fridge continued to rise in temperature it was not fixed. Tech came out again on the 22 with the wrong motor and with a new charge of 125 after I was told in writing by their lead tech and owner Eddie that I was not gonna be charged. I called the office to question the new charges and the owners wife preceded to laugh and say that my Samsung fridge was one of the hardest and worst appliances to repair and that it was not their fault that it had taken so long and I would have to pay the new charges if I wanted the work done.. she was rude and condescending.. I have never experienced such horrible customer service and breach of contract. When I asked her to just please come and take their part back and refund me my money she said a tech would come on Wednesday.. 24 the tech and took out old main board and replaced with old did not have refund money said that it would come in the mail when I asked the amount he did not know and I called the office and the lady owners wife laughed and said I was lucky to get anything back and threatened that if I wrote a bad review that they would not refund my money back at all. I could go on and on even the tech that came out was appalled by her attitude please read all reviews and avoid being robbed by this company.
Ron Que
Wow thank you . I have condo and I call Comfort Home Appliance when I got into town my refrigerator was not working . They did excellent work, got me going quickly. The service man was great to deal with. Would use again.
Willie G
What a joke , most disfunctional unreliable company I have ever worked for. Price gouging customers and scamming people who work hard , show up on time and call in for anything other than an genuine emergency. I could seriously go on and on about how these “people” really are. Needless to say after I was fired for asking questions about my pay and if they were going to honor a bonus program I was always told about , they stole my tools. My way of making a living , I should have known as the senior tech and owner Eddie Jennings had showed me tools that belonged to another tech that had worked there before I saying how he “left them and wouldn't answer phone calls to come pick them up” yea right!!! Two days after leaving the company and continuous attempts to get ahold of someone they actually blocked me from calling any of their personal phones and the business line. Take it for what you want but if you go and read yelp reviews and Angie's list reviews AND BBB reviews you will see. Also they recently changed their company name from “Comfort Home Appliance” to “Comfort Home Appliance LLC” in order to protect their personal assets from a lawsuit filed against the former company name. Marry Anne Jennings and Eddie Jennings are both dishonest , lying , stealing people and I highly suggest you take your business elsewhere!

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