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Appliance Repair by Reliable Parts in Honolulu, Hawaii

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About Reliable Parts

If you need contact information about appliance repair company Reliable Parts in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can visit our website. Our website can provide you the complete information about each department of Reliable Parts in Honolulu, Hawaii, and you can find the following here: working hours, phone, google map, website, and other contact data. By the way, you can read the latest testimonials about the company. All companies on our website are appliance repair companies, and you can repair your refrigerator, microwave oven, dryer or washer or any other appliance calling them. Also, you can apply on our website, and we will connect you with the nearest and best appliance repair companies in Honolulu, Hawaii. Just enter your ZIP and wait for a solution!

Reliable Parts Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Reliable Parts in Honolulu, HawaiiAddress:1550 Kalani St, Honolulu, HI 96817, United States
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8AM-4:30PM
Tuesday: 8AM-4:30PM
Wednesday: 8AM-4:30PM
Thursday: 8AM-4:30PM
Friday: 8AM-4:30PM
Saturday: 9AM-1PM
Latest Testimonials
Fay Chang
We ordered a pair of gaskets for our refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator one was fine, but the freezer one came in a wrong color. We had already waited for three months for the freezer one to come in, and when it did, it was the wrong color. Not thinking, my husband went and installed it, and when I saw it after the fact, was not happy about it. He went down there to see what happened and why we got the wrong color. What we were told was that was the part number that came up when they tried to order it was the part that we got. On top of that, they actually had the correct part here in their warehouse all this time. We wanted to exchange it for the correct color, but were told that because we had already installed it, it comes off and on very easily, and had it on for just a day we would have to pay for it again if we wanted to exchange it. I am so angry, because I feel that it was their fault in the first place for not knowing that they actually had the correct part. This was their error, not ours, but were not willing to rectify the problem.
CW Chen
Convenient place to find all the parts you need to do your own appliance repair. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Also quick service so great for quick parts pick ups. Also they sell alot of cleaning products and tools too.
Elize Joy Townsend
They were my heroes when I needed something replaced that all other department stores didn't have. They go out of their way to double check, or order the part for you if they don't. AWESOME service! I'm a very grateful customer!

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